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At CALCO, our team members are our most valuable assets.

  • We pride ourselves on exemplifying a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and respectful work environment, which we accomplish through living our values.

  • We value our employees’ expertise, which is why we encourage ongoing and continuous professional and personal development.

  • We prioritize ensuring that our team members feel supported, engaged, and appreciated in our fully remote work environment.

All Hands In


Our values and beliefs are at the core of who we are and are the standards by which we operate as a company. They are the driving force behind how we engage with our employees, clients, and the communities we serve. 



CALCO embodies and embraces diversity.  We believe each person's voice is unique and important, and we know that differing voices at the table yield better results for everyone.



CALCO is committed to doing the necessary legwork to identify and address the unique challenges our clients face by utilizing proven research methods and providing data-driven solutions.   



CALCO operates with integrity, ethics and morality.  Our reputation is important to us.  We value long-term relationships over short-term profits. 



CALCO values collaboration with its clients in order to fully understand their needs and challenges, and to ensure our services and products are customized for maximum impact for them and the people they serve. 



Our values define us, but our purpose fuels us. CALCO measures success by the individuals, organizations, and communities whose lives are improved by the services and products we offer.



CALCO believes that empowering individuals with the right skills and resources builds the self-efficacy individuals need to effect positive and lasting change in their own lives.


Mutual Respect

CALCO treats its clients, employees, and others with dignity and respect. We know that each person we engage with has value and importance. We aim to always put people before profit.



Excellence is what we bring to every product we create and service we deliver because we know our clients deserve the best.  Continuously operating and executing with excellence gives us our competitive edge. 


At CALCO, we strive to create a positive, inclusive culture that supports the well-being and achievement of all employees. We work to cultivate a company environment that fosters open communication, encourages each employee to express their ideas and opinions freely, and empowers them to utilize their unique talents and interests to provide meaningful contributions to our collective team's success.

CALCO operates as a remote-first company, meaning most employees work from home, with a few exceptions. We believe this operating model yields happier and healthier employees, higher productivity, and better schedule flexibility for our staff. Additionally, working remotely provides our employees with work-life balance benefits that are inconsistent with the structure of the traditional in-office working model.  

Sharing Ideas


We have designed our benefits package to support all aspects of our employees' lives. We care about our employees' physical, emotional, and financial well-being. To help our employees stay energized, engaged, and inspired, we offer a wide range of benefits, including a strong retirement plan, long- and short-term disability benefits, quality health benefits, a flexible work schedule, and flexible paid time off – so they can relax, recharge and have a healthy work-life balance.

Competitive Compensation
401K Retirement Plan
Flexible Work Schedule
Quality Health Benefits
Flexible Paid Time Off
Business Team


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Workforce Analyst

Working at CALCO has been amazing. While working remotely can be challenging, CALCO has done an excellent job of effectively mitigating employee fatigue and latency. One example is the implementation of the CAL-Pal program. A designated, experienced team member was on standby to address any question or concern I had. I found this to be so beneficial. The multiple one-on-ones with different team leaders helped to make for seamless integration. I feel so connected to both teams that I work with, and with the monthly company meetings, I feel very familiar with the company as a whole. 


Everyone here at CALCO is so invested in the work that we do, and for me that was very important. Our workforce, healthcare, and education systems are fundamental pillars of our country’s future. The reward I take home daily is knowing that we assist various agencies by keeping three of the most vital pillars to our country’s future growing and thriving. The work we do within these fields will be impactful for years to come, and I am glad to be doing that work here at CALCO.


  • How can my organization benefit from CALCO's products and services?
    At CALCO Consulting Group we approach every project strategically and methodically using project management best practices based on industry standards from the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). By adhering to these proven practices we ensure all of our projects are delivered according to our clients' specifications, budget, and timeframe. Our experienced staff and consultants possess the expertise and knowledge to provide an array of consulting services across multiple industries including Workforce Training, Education, and Health. ​We work collaboratively with our clients to develop innovative and sustainable solutions that yield the desired outcomes our clients expect and value. We seek to foster long-term business relationships with all of our clients. For a free business consultation, please call us at +1.240.428.4292 or email us at to schedule your appointment today. We look forward to sharing more information about how CALCO can assist your organization!
  • Does CALCO provide a free consultation?
    Yes. If you are interested in receiving a free one hour business consultation, please call +1.240.428.4292 or email us at to schedule your appointment today. We look forward to the opportunity of earning your business!
  • How can I partner with CALCO?
    CALCO Consulting Group is continually seeking to partner with other companies that share our values and whose services complement our areas of expertise. We choose our partnerships strategically, knowing that every decision we make influences our ability to serve our clients. Partnering allows us enhance our collective ability to become a value-added partner to potential and existing clients. If you are interested in partnering with CALCO, call +1.240.428.4292 or email us at us to inquire about potential opportunities. We look forward to exploring the possibly of partnering with your company!
  • Are there current job openings at CALCO?
    CALCO Consulting Group is always seeking highly skilled individuals who are passionate about our work and share our values. We recruit for a range of positions including but not limited to project management; content and program development; office administration; research and data analytics; training and facilitation; graphic design; technical writing; and technical assistance. Please visit our Careers page for more information or email your resume to We will review your education and experience to see if they are a good fit for any of our current job openings. CALCO Consulting Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer that embraces diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, genetic information, gender identity, or any other protected status under applicable law.
Staff Meeting


CALCO is committed to its vision of building sustainable systems and solutions that address critical social and economic issues in our society that are negatively impacting the disadvantaged. We believe every individual has the right to quality education, affordable, high-quality healthcare, and to economic self-sufficiency.  As a rapidly growing company, CALCO is continuously recruiting for numerous positions that support our vision and mission.  These positions include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Management

  • Content and Program Development

  • Office Administration

  • Research and Data Analytics

  • Training and Facilitation

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Business Development

  • Technical Writing & Assistance



CALCO is always seeking highly skilled professionals who share our values, support our mission, are passionate about their areas of expertise, and are eager to collaborate. We maintain an active database of potential new team members who are interested in joining our team as either employees or independent consultants. Please email your cover letter and resume or CV to

Similing Team

Thank you for your interest in joining our team! One of our HR representatives will contact you.

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